CAN 2.0B

Standard or Extended Identifier
Remote Frames


up to 64 Byte Data  Flexible Data-Rate   Softwarebit for   ISO  and non-ISO

separate Messages FIFO for Receive / Transmit

each can be configured 1,2,4,8,16,32 or 64 kByte; dynamic size for each message

256 Message Filters

Every Message Filter contain one MASK- and one Identifier-Register

Avalon Interface

Example software included
HAL Drivers for NIOS II included

separate Clock

for CAN and Avalon-IF possible

The IFI CAN_FD IP Core passed the ISO CAN conformance test

ISO 16845-1:2016 Road Vehicles-Controller area network (CAN)

Reference Designs included

Reference Designs included

High Priority Messages

one Message supported

32/64 Bit Timestamp

for received messages
for transmitted messages with frame number other than 0
64 Bit when Timestamp-counter from external connected

For external CPU support

8,16,32 or 64 Bit interface

Read of the compile time parameter possible



Design Flows supported

QSYS / SOPC Builder
Platform Designer

Device families targeted

All actual CYCLONE devices
All actual STRATIX devices
All actual ARRIA devices
All actual MAX10 devices

Minimal device resource utilization

4300 LEs or 1900 ALM depending on compiler settings
Ram: 7 M9K Blocks for all families

Maximum device resource utilization

5200 LEs or 2600 ALM + RAM for the FIFOs

Block Diagramm


Test CAN-FD with no external hardware

Use SignalTap to watch the messages



contact IXXAT for CANOPEN stack